Everything That You Need To Know About 4G And LTE

inhibidor de frecuencia Besides the EE, almost all the mobile networking bigwigs have been completely relying on the 3G/UMTS technology. This technology is however, 10 years old and it is constantly struggling to cope up with the user requirements of the tech geeks of the current generation.

The 4G/LTE platform is the upcoming stage in the mobile development and it provides all users quicker data speeds. In fact, there is a super fast data speed compared to the 3G networks. inhibidores de frecuencia

EE has been trying out with smaller tests on 4G networks since November 2012, until a few months back when it had marketed itself to UK. 

Now, as EE was able to leverage some of the existing spectrum from the 1800 MHz brand, the various other networks, had to wait until the spectrum auction ended. This auction was organized by OfCom in February 2013. Till then, EE could not even start preparing for its upcoming 4G launch.  

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However, besides this, both O2 and also Vodafone have launched the various 4G networks of their own. So, right now EE is finally facing some high end competition. With ‘Three’ preparing for the launch of its individual 4G network in December, the competition is considerably increasing with regard to price. 

Well, 4G can definitely be a confusing thing, especially, when there are as many as three different frequency bands in UK itself. 

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The 2.6GHz band is one of the frequencies that were auctioned by OfCom in February. It comes with a huge data capacity which even surpasses the capacity of its contemporaries. So, this band can handle many people connecting with its server all at once. However, it doesn’t work well for the long distances, making it only viable and effective for the cities and other densely populated regions. Rural areas are absolutely not in perfect sync with this band.

The 800 MHz is another spectrum of the lot which was sold during the month of February. Initially, t was used to provide proper analogue for Terrestrial TV, however, since the big digital switchover, t has now been freed. 

Even though, it does not provide the same data capacity as the 2.6GHz band, yet it can easily travel along long distances and provide commendable broadband speed to the various rural areas, where telephone exchanges do not reach perfectly. 

Moreover, being low in the frequency it is also tad better for penetrating through the walls compared to its 2.6GHz contemporary. So, even when you are at indoors, you can enjoy high end connection from this device. 
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The 1900m band is now also being used by the EE, and after ‘Three’ launches its own 4G network in December, it will also be using it. Well, that’s simply because of the huge chunk it has purchased from the EE.

However, according to the deal,  and in order to get the spectrum of the brand created from the merger of the Orange and T mobile, ‘Three’ had to agree to the deal of not launching the 4G spectrum before October. This is probably the main reason, why it is delaying the deployment until this year.